Adrian Macmillan

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Name: Adrian Macmillan
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Black
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Affiliation: TSAB, disbanded mercenary organization “Liberty”
Department: Training
Military rank: Tactical Instructor
Mage rank: A
Call sign: Defender 1


Adrian Macmillan was picked up by “Liberty” at the age of 7. His family had been killed by a murderer going by the name “Slice”. Therefore, he trained hard everyday for the next years so he would be prepared the next time he met this man again.

Some years afterwards, after providing backup to two mages, he got the opportunity to join TSAB, as a Tactical Instructor. He accepted the offer and is currently working in the Training department.

His goal, which he hasn’t told anyone except Vic and Doc, is to kill “Slice”. If the TSAB would find out about this he would get in trouble.


Macmillan is one you would consider hardworking and honest. He always does his best to satisfy his superiors and he is known for disobeying orders just to get the job done.
In general, he is protective and cares about those closest to him. Similar to Vic, he also likes to take it easy during his free-time often seen reading or writing.


Being who he is, Macmillan looks up to his superior which is Captain Nanoha Takamachi. He is often her aide during training and also sometimes participates in mock battles against the trainees.
He is rarely called out to missions but when he is, casualties are held to a minimum.

His two closest friends are from his days as a mercenary: Vic "Silence" Johansen and Takumaru "Doc" Ikita. They’ve done numerous of missions together and can be seen having conversations now and then.

Combat role

Defense mixed with offense. Macmillan is known for his defensive abilities and his superiors aren’t late to put them to good use. His role is to protect his fellow mages from any kind of attacks while they prepare their long-range attacks. He is also sometimes used at the frontlines as a shield for the mages upfront.

Barrier Jacket

Full body armor with reflecting armor plates capable of blocking magic and strikes with ease. Similar to old knight armor just a little smaller, much lighter and futuristic. Colored in black.


Device Name


Takes the shape of a small necklace with a small shield attached to it. Red and gold colored. Has a cartridge system capable of loading two cartridges at the same time providing more power than usual. He refers to Macmillan as “Sir”.

Device Type

Support type

Device Mode

Guardian Mode: The necklace expands and forms a metallic pole with a shield in the middle where the grips are. Provides big defense with the shield and some offensive power with the pole.

Protection Mode: A stronger version of Guardian Mode. Expands the shield, covering a larger area.

Bubble Mode: A very special mode, this increases the size of the shield to cover a large area in a bubble, protecting it from nearly all types of damage. No offensive action can be done in this mode.

Combat style

Usually in a defensive stance, shield at the ready, waiting for an attack. If the attack is blocked he moves fast forward and hits his target with the pole. There isn’t much of diversity in this style so offensive is not a strength for Macmillan.



Since Macmillan is much more focused on defense, his offensive spells are lacking.

Vanguard Spinner: The pole attached to the shield spins around at high speed, creating a massive wind, blowing opponents out of the way.

Vanguard Smasher: Macmillan transfers magic to the shield and smashes the target with it, making the target fly backwards several meters.


Vanbarrier: A barrier forms around Macmillan providing excellent defense against attacks from all sides. Weaker than Vanshield.

Vanshield: Stronger than Vanbarrier but can only defend in one direction.

Vanbubble: A special spell only usable in Bubble Mode. In addition to the Bubble Modes huge shield, this adds an outer layer of magic protection around the bubble. This is considered one of the best defensive spell as it can absorb huge amounts of damage from all directions before breaking. The only negative side to this is that those inside the shield cannot move and that it drains huge amounts of mana from the caster.

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