This is the timeline for the canon events of Nanoha inclusive of all three seasons (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Nanoha A’s, and StrikerS) and from the three canon sources (anime, manga, and sound stages). Translations are provided courtesy of Nightengale.

Year Event
~462 years ago
  • The collapse of the Ancient Belka homeworld due to a large-scale dimensional incident which affected several worlds. One theory placed the Cradle of the Saint King as being a possible cause of the incident.
  • ( presumably ) The survivors of Ancient Belka made their way into the homeworld of Mid-childa.
~300 years ago
  • The warrior age of Belka. Details remain scarce, but it is assumed that it was the final years of Belka's dominance in Mid-childa amidst a state of warring states.
  • The disappearance of the Cradle and presumably, the last lines of the Sankt Kaiser bloodline. ( Details behind the events that transpire is not revealed )
300~150 years ago
  • The Old War.
150 years ago
  • The 3 men who would later become the High Council of the TSAB put an end to the war.
  • Founding of the Time-Space Administration Bureau (TSAB).
75 years ago / MC000
  • Incorporation and wide-spread use of green and more secure magic civilizational technology is practiced in TSAB, banning the usage of conventional arms.
  • Establishment of Ground Central Headquarters.
  • Era of the three legendary Admirals.
~ MC035
  • Regius Gaiz joins TSAB (unknown rank).
  • Jail Scaglietti establishes the basic framework and prototype for man-machine hybridization (later known as Sentoukijins — Combat Cyborgs).
  • Regius Gaiz and Zest Grangeitz were already acquainted.
  • Ground Forces suffers from the lack of capable personnel and insufficient combat potential due to talent monopoly by the Navy and the Air Force.
  • Nakajima Quint and Nakajima Genya saved and chose to adopt the first and second Type-Zero Combat Cyborgs. They are named Ginga and Subaru.
  • Spring — Summer
    • Start of the anime series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.
    • The Jewel Seed Incident involving the rogue mage Precia Testarossa.
  • Winter
    • Start of the anime series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's
    • The Book of Darkness Incident.
  • Unclear
    • Jail steals the genetic data of the Sankt Kaiser through the Holy Shroud with Due's help.
    • Caro Ru Lushe is born.
    • Erio Mondial is presumably born — through Project Fate — a few months after Caro.
  • Takamachi Nanoha, Fate Testarossa Harlaown and Yagami Hayate join TSAB's workforce.
  • Reinforce Zwei is born.
  • The Nanoha incident, from overstressing her body.
  • Fate fails the Enforcer test, apparently from worrying about Nanoha.
  • Zest's force attacks Jail's installation. Zest and Megane Alpina are caught by the Numbers as test subjects. Nakajima Quint dies.
  • Lutecia Alpino is taken as another of Jail's test subject through the influence of the High Council.
  • Fate fails the exam for the second time, but passes at the third time.
  • Nanoha recovers and passes S-rank examination.
  • Fate passes S-rank examination and discovers Erio in one of her missions.
  • Erio is taken care and raised in the Bureau's protection facility (until MC072).
  • Hayate completes her Career course.
  • Tiida Lanster dies in the line of duty in pursuit of a criminal.
  • Vice accidentally shoots his sister in the eye during a mission, and in a reflection of regret and what-ifs, chose retires from front-line duties to become a helicopter pilot.
  • Arf retires from front-line duties due to the lack of necessity of her being on Fate's side at her current level.
  • A's epilogue
    • First official Relic/Drone incident.
  • April 29th
    • Fire at Mid-childa Coastal Airport. Nakajima Subaru and Nakajima Ginga are saved by Nanoha and Fate.
  • April 30th
    • Hayate decides to form a special squad (later known as Lost Property Riot Force 6).
    • Caro is banished from her homeworld, Alzas, and stays somewhere in the TSAB (details unclear).
  • February
    • Fate decides to be Caro’s guardian.
  • April
    • After graduation from high school, Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate presumably moved to Mid-childa.
  • June
    • Subaru and Teana join the Ground Training School. Erio and Shario Finieno look around the compound.
  • August
    • From partners, Subaru and Teana slowly become friends. Teana meets Ginga for the first time.
  • Unclear
    • Chrono Harlaown and Amy Limietta tie the knot.
  • May
    • Upon graduation, still paired, Teana and Subaru are assigned to Disaster Management Unit 386.
  • September
    • Caro is in the Environment Protection unit.
  • March
    • Unofficial start-up of Riot Force 6 (RF6), with the base gets inspection and equipment and personnel are moved in.
    • Caro leaves for Mid-childa.
  • Few days later
    • Events in Sound Stage M. Nanoha and Vita scouting for front line members and having an eye on Subaru and Teana.
  • April
    • Start of the anime series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS.
    • Subaru and Teana fail the B-rank examination, but pass later.
    • Sonic Grope Incident (which happens to be an Erio-rescuing-Caro event that goes awry in the airport).
    • With the assembly of all the members at this point, RF6 is official.
  • Four days later
    • The devices for the Forwards in production, under Shario’s scrutiny.
  • May 13th
    • Hayate meets Carim Gracia.
    • New devices for Forwards are completed.
    • Gadget Drones sighted — first mission for the Forward’s.
    • Forwards are victorious. In a secret hideout, Jail watches everyone happily, except for Reinforce Zwei and Teana.
  • Several days later
    • Hayate request assistance and cooperation from Genya’s 108th division in relations to investigation and stuff.
    • Forwards get individual training for combat roles.
  • Several days later
    • RF6 goes to Earth for a mission.
    • Teana and Subaru learn that, contrary to the belief that superior mages come from test-tubes or have sad emotional past with no parents, Nanoha is perfectly normal.
    • Erio gets lucky. ( the whole crew went to a public bath )
  • Several days later
    • Hotel Augusta Incident.
    • The relationship between Yuuno Scrya and Nanoha (dubbed Yuunoha) is not dead.
  • Several days later
    • Subaru and Teana goes on intensive training.
    • Nanoha enters White Devil mode.
    • Night falls. Teana is slapped by Signum.
    • The truth behind the Jewel Seed, Book of Darkness and the Nanoha Incident was revealed to the Forwards.
  • Several days later
    • Bonding time. Caro and Erio reveal their past history. Subaru thought of telling her cyborg secret, but Teana stops her.
  • Two weeks later
    • A day off.
    • Vivio spoils Erio and Caro’s perfect date mission.
    • Hayate moves out. Chrono permits Limiter Release.
    • Forwards and Ginga move in the underground waterway system and fight Gadget Drones to protect the Relic in their possession.
    • Garyuu, Lutecia, and Agito appears.
    • Regius’s secret identity is exposed.
    • Numbers appear and escape.
    • Relic is secured thanks to Teana/Caro.
  • Next day
    • Carim’s prophecy is revealed. Fate and Nanoha finally know why RF6 is actually formed.
  • Several days later
    • Nanoha and Fate become Vivio’s godmothers.
  • Several days later
    • The weakness in the familial bonds between Fate-Caro-Erio. Emotional bonds moment with advices from Arf and Lindy.
    • RF6 learns that Agito is Unison Device.
  • September 5th
    • Ginga and Mariel joins RF6 temporarily.
  • September 11th
    • Nanoha, Vita, and Forwards go to the Ground Forces Headquarters first.
  • September 12th
    • Terrorist attack. Jail Scaglietti assaults the public presentation at the Ground Forces Headquarters.
    • Jail is victorious.
    • Vivio and Ginga are kidnapped.
    • Various injuries on both parties, but the winner is clear.
  • September 13th
    • Genya reveals his past with Subaru/Ginga/Quint along with information on Combat Cyborgs.
    • Hayate and Auris exchange words.
    • Arthra is taken to be RF6’s mobile base for the time being.
  • September 19th
    • RF6 is back, now 200% more mobile.
    • Alto takes over Vice Granscenic’s role as pilot.
    • Mach Caliber designs her own upgrade for Subaru, with 250% more heavy and 140% more magic consumption.
    • Jail’s hideout is discovered, thanks to Acous’s hounds.
    • Cradle is reborn.
    • The Cradle’s threat is ascertained to be dangerous, and a fleet of XV class ships from the Navy are deployed as reinforcements.
    • RF6 is divided into 3 parties: the Cradle Attack Force, the Jail Attacker, and the Central Attack Force.
    • Limiter ALL RELEASE.
    • TSAB High Council is assassinated by Due.
  • End of October
    • The characters decide their paths in the future or returning to where they came from (Manga, Chapter 13).
  • April 28th
    • Dissolution of RF6.
    • Parting of the characters, with a final mock battle.
And Afterwards
  • epilogue, unknown timeframe between MC076~MC077
    • Subaru Nakajima joins the TSAB Rescue and is an active member of the force.
    • Teana Lanster joins the Navy as an aide to Enforcer Testarossa alongside Shari.
    • Erio, now a qualified Dragon Knight goes with Caro to the Wildlife Preservation Unit.
    • Ginga Nakajima and Genya retains their position within the Ground Forces, but are also tasked with the duty of assisting rehabilitation for the Numbers that chose to cooperate.
    • Vice retains his position as a helicopter pilot first and foremost, but is made available for combat duty when necessary. Alto too, joins the ranks of the pilots.
    • Yagami Hayate, following her opinion of her failure as a commander, decides to return to the Investigations for more experience.
    • The Wolkenritter's official posting is not stated, but Vita is presumed to have joined Nanoha in the Air Force trainers, but Hayate still holds conventional authority over the Wolkenritter when needed.
    • Agito joins the Wolkenritter.
    • Fate Testarossa returns to the Navy as an Enforcer.
    • Griffith Lowran and Lucino goes to the TSAB Headquarters as navigational staff.
    • Jail, Uno, Tre, Quattro and Sette refused cooperation with the TSAB and are thus put in indefinite custody over at the dimensional prison overlooking an unknown planet.
    • Vivio Takamichi, now officially adopted enrolls in Sankt Hilde Academy.
    • Takamichi Nanoha, refusing promotion due to her achievements in the Jail Scaglietti incident retains her position as a trainer in the Air Force as she continues her mission of passing on her skills to the next generation.
    • And life goes on~
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