Commonly Used Terms

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Backlog Breaker

In the early days of Outer Cadia, it was not unheard of for backlog to build at extremely large rates; one could go to sleep and wake up to find 10 new pages. Many Cadians adopted the practice of Backlog Breakers, one post spanning topics from several pages, which was used to break through the backlog. With the creation of the OC IRC channel, the backlog has been dramatically reduced, resulting in more infrequent breakers, though some still happen from time to time. The current record holder for the biggest backlog breaker is Aaron008R, who created a 2-part backlog breaker spanning 80 pages of backlog, earning him the awe of all Cadians. In second place is PhoenixFlare. His backlog breaker also required two posts, but the reaction was lesser than when Aaron008R did. Maybe because he is the second person that achieve this.

Ion Canon

A reference to GDI's Ion Cannon superweapon from Command & Conquer, the Ion Canon is used to refer to the appearance of canon information that completely and utterly destroys whatever cherished fanon notions and plans that have been created. It tends to be fired a lot on Kha rather unsuccessfully, and neither does it spare any author with more reaching interpretations of canon.

Do note that sometimes the Ion Canon destroying one person's work ends up vindicating another's.

Personified, the Ion Canon takes the form of a cute, gun-crazy chibi known as Keroko-tan, who currently works for Kane of the Brotherhood of Nod.

Some famous IC hits:

  • The first known IC hit was during the first thread's infancy, when Kha discovered that Alicia's death was due to a botched experiment, and had to completely revamp his main character's history. He has continued to dance quite successfully with the gun, and even the latest revelations about the Cradle's past, after sorting out the canon from the fanon, ultimately turned out to be Just As Planned.
  • Erio, an Outer Cadian veteran, currently holds the longest record of Ion Canon avoidance, with his Relic Weapon series being under the crosshair and yet has never been shot down.
  • Repeated IC deployment was one of the causes of formation of Comacanon.

KHAAA Breaker

The KHAAA Breaker refers to a long scream of Kha's name after reading one of his mindblowing pieces. Often the result of Aaron suffering Khranial Freeze (brainfreeze induced by Khrack), the KHAAA Breaker eventually caught on and has been screamed by everyone in the thread at least once, for better or for worse. The KHAAA Breaker has since been expanded to screaming anyone's name in place of Kha, for similar reasons.

Assaulted by a Khrack Squad

When one is induced to write a very random piece of mindblowing work out of the blue, one is said to be Assaulted by a Khrack Squad. The accompanying reply would be "You got within 12" on them after all", and together, the phrase plays on the overpowered Assault move mechanic prevalent in Warhammer 40K games.


Bluecheesium (for short bluecheese or plain cheese) is a term that is used quite often in our community forum. It mainly refers to a post with a large amount of text. What the minimum word count needed to be called bluecheesium isn't determined, but you must think about 2k words plus. Most often is used when a Cadian post a chapter of his/her story and other cadians comment it like "Wow, that's a big bluecheese bomb".

It was first used on Kha, who posted a massive profile covering every conceivable aspect of his character, and then some. Due to the Command & Conquer craze at the time, Kha coined the word Bluecheesium from LoweGear's exclamation of "Wall of CHEESE". Currently PhoenixFlare has the biggest bluecheesium on record.


Epicsicum is a term that is used in our community forum to describe an epic piece of work and is a combination of Epic with Capsicum to produce a word similar in vein to Bluecheesium. It was first proposed by Kha after yet another breathtaking piece Nightengale churned out in constant supply. It is akin to the Macross equivalent exclamation of "DECULTURE!"


Sweetcheesium is a term used by our community forum to describe a very saccharine piece of work, encompassing lovely passion, honeyed words and exquisitely crafted narration that literally melts your heart. Like Epicsicum, it was invented by Kha and plays on sweet cheddar, and bluecheesium. It was first used on LoweGear's Matsuri x Shinji mini-arc, and later FlameSparkZ earned it as an accolade for Mariel x Koji. Write a good enough romance, and you'll earn it too!


Cadians are creators of his/her Original Character(s) in the Nanohaverse.


Like them or hate them, all Cadians admit that the Haxxbusters can be a very contradictory and sometimes controversial group. Comprising of Tk3997, Keroko, Liingo, Wild Goose, and Ghaz (these being the most prominent members), this loosely-formed "squad" of Cadians operates on the Standalone Complex model, interdependently working towards their shared goal: The destruction of all haxx.

Unfortunately that's the only thing they agree on.

The Haxxbusters' primary focus is to examine new character concepts and strip them away of haxx, and then helping the Cadian to rebuild the character up sans haxx. The haxxbusters are not, however, immune to philosophical differences: TK and Goose are firmly on the side of military realism, Keroko has a more fantasy-ish bent, Ghaz takes a middle of the road approach (with a slight bent towards the military realism side) and Liingo floats above the chaos with even-handed Aussie sense. Almost everyone who posts a character in Cadia will receive a visit from the haxxbusters, who will scrutinize the character and concept setup and attempt to reel it into line with Nanoha.

Notable haxxbusting operations:

  • The original concept for Kagerou's Erusian War and the planets of Erusia and Sotoa was originally highly cliched and rather silly; both Kagerou and Goose were at the time running on rule of cool and weren't really thinking things too much. Tk stepped in and tore it up, and Kagerou went back to the drawing board, turning Erusia from a planet of magical haxx cheaters into the TSAB's Iraq.
  • Admiral Tigerclaw attempted to create mecha powered armor that would turn a C-ranked mage into an S-ranked mage, and a magical rifle that fired rounds at 2000m/s with a range of 20km. Goose finally managed to get him to tone it down, securing his place among the haxxbusters, though some consider Operation ATC to be the start of Goose's hair-trigger temper, so it's debatable as to how beneficial this was in the end.
  • One of Reiji Tabibito's OCs, who could ramp up from A to S-rank with no sweat, as well as the backstory of one OC, which had his family forcing down a TSAB Enforcer flying around on Earth and… well let's just say that said OC's family was haxxed and leave it like that.

Almost all Cadians have gone through the Haxxbusting process, which by this point could be considered a rite of passage in OC. The only person to escape haxxbusting has been Evil Rick, and only because TK was on vacation, Keroko & Ghaz were creating new stories, Liingo was doing stuff, and Goose was marathoning SRW Original Generation Divine Wars.


Crack is used to define a process/phase/item when people come up with a crazy, silly idea that makes no sense at all; the term derives from the assumption that the person creaking the "crack" was high on cocaine.

Khrack is what happens when you take "normal" crack and ramp up the craziness 400%, with a further infusion of Kha's warped worldview. Coined by Wild Goose (known here as WildGooseOC), the term Khrack refers to everything Kha puts out, which is more warped than "normal" crack; among things Kha has proposed are legions of mages battling Unspeakable Horrors, genderbent Nanoha cast, turning summoned dragon Voltaire into a giant robot…. the list goes on and on.

While sometimes there's a gem of brilliance in the madness, the rule of thumb is that anything Kha makes is Khrack, and has to be read with caution. (The word Khrack is also a portmanteau of Kha's Crack.)

Just don't forget to scream the Kha Breaker.

Just As Planned

Often used in its Japanese equivalent Keikakudoori, it is a very common term that means a new canon revelation has done nothing to one's work. It can signify anything emotion from a sigh of relief, or outright jubilation. The phrase is a homage to recent major anime heroes that use complex schemes to achieve their own objectives, namely Yagami Raito from Death Note and Lelouch from Code Geass.

Outer Cadia

The nickname for the meta-collection of the Original Characters, Outer Cadia refers to several things:

1) The Nanoha Original Character Creation & Discussion Thread, which was where the term first sprouted as an affectionate nickname for the OC thread. The terms Cadia Eins and Cadia Zwei are used to refer to the previous OC Thread (which was closed and locked for being too large, at 1225 pages and 24,480 posts) and the current Nanoha OC Thread. The original term "Outer Canaan" was created by Nightengale and Chaos2Frozen after watching the TGS 2007 Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer ("THIS IS THE LIBERTY WE'VE WON FOR OURSELVES! OUTER CANAAN!"). Later, the name was changed to Outer Cadia by Kha and Keroko, the two biggest, and very prevalent, 40K otaku in OC.

2) The general "sandbox" where the OC authors write their fanfiction. Generally the OC "sandbox" is where most OC authors write in, which is a universe very close to the canon Nanoha timeline, but with minor drifts due to the presence of the original characters. This sandbox is further subdivided into several zones:

  • Original Generations: The main OC fanon, where most authors play in, OG is the setting for a number of linked ongoing works by PhoenixFlare and Aaron008R, where both authors expand the scope of the Aces (particularly Hayate); while PF and Aaron originally began their projects independently of each other, both have recently chosen to link and merge their works together. OG is roughly 90-95% compatible with Nanoha canon. Tk3997's The Unsung War, and the unmerged version of Kha's Nanoha/Cente Gravia take place in this universe as well.
  • Kerokanon: the other main OC fanon, in this OC fanon there are several additions to the main cast, most notably the surprisingly popular character Takamachi Georashi Keroko, adopted sister of Nanoha, but no direct alterations to the main storyline are made. Some commentators have noted that at times it's hard to tell OG and Kerokanon apart given how Kerokanon can fit in almost anywhere - even the authors aren't really sure where there's seperation and where there's fusion…
  • Rebuilt: The strange multiverse developed from Kha's pervasive mind, made from fusing OG and Kerokanon together with his own thinking, resulting in an extensive fiction covering about 9 major cultures and hundreds more smaller races over almost a millennia of development. 40K-esque themes recur in this universe, and from the way Kha envisions, it could well pass as a storyline for an MMORPG. Most of all fanon events, save the Memoirs of a Kaiser which was centered around the life of the last Kaiser of Belka, take place latest in the long timeline. It is named in the same vein as Rebuild of Evangelion, and like the namesake reconstructs various canon events so that they make sense and account for the existence of OCs, without losing the Mahou Shoujo flavor. How successful Kha was is anybody's guess, for a constant point of Rebuilt is change, rendering any judgment on the timeline null and void very quickly.
  • Alpha Timeline: In the grim dark future of Nanoha, there is only war. Gravemind, an unholy fusion of Flood and Zerg, and machine-guns. Lots of machine-guns. The Alpha timeline starts 8 years after StrikerS, where Nanoha is in a downward spiral and a conspiracy seeks to unleash unspeakable horrors on the universe to become gods. It's up to a few good men - and one broken White Devil - to save the day…
  • Comacanon: Frustrated with the fact that Canon was getting in his way and the main OC fanon sandbox was almost totally divergent from his aims and intentions, Comartemis decided to make his own AU of StrikerS, this being the result. Getting off to a rough and bumpy start (and being the straw that broke the camel's back of the final skirmish of the Stringency Wars), Comacanon features new OCs, a different take on StrikerS, and magical hardsuits… with the expies of Front Mission 4's Durandal Team (with appropriate weapon devices).
  • Lyrical Babel: A fanfic project by dkellis.
  • Task Force 6: An attempt by Wild Goose to retell the StrikerS story with more realism, better tactical planning, appearances by almost all OCs created, and actual investigation work and less time on the NanoFate innuendo. And big damn heroes moments for Master Chief.
  • The Gospel: Tempest Dynasty's own foray into the past, exploring Ancient Belka as it may have existed prior to the civilization's collapse. Fantasy-Sci-Fi based, written in a different format from typical fiction, and significantly reduced shafting of certain characters of the male variety. Character death ahead. Sorry kids, no NanoFate in this one.


A term used to refer to excessive overanalysing that eventually turns Nanoha from something fun into serious business. While analysis and attempting to figure out how things work isn't inherently bad, it's just that like all things it needs to be done in moderation. SoDomising is when it's being done excessively.

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