The Mythos Aeterna Cycle

In the depths of time, a great civilization fell to darkness, and was lost to history.

But their legacy continues to this day, and there are those who have not forgotten.

Lyrical Elemental

The prequel to Lyrical Babel tells the story of Galant Astra and his team of Neo-Belka warriors, as freelance knights righting wrongs and protecting the innocent.

Original Characters

Lyrical Babel

The core of the Mythos Aeterna Cycle, Lyrical Babel chronicles the adventures of the 37th Criminal Investigation And Apprehension Unit of the Time-Space Administration Bureau.

Lyrical Melancholy

Reiz Astra, daughter of Galant Astra, joins the 37th CIAA, just in time to be caught up in the activation of a Lost Logia that threatens the world.

Lyrical Rage

A mysterious prison breakout starts a chain of events that lead to Reiz finally learning the secret her father tried to protect her from.

Lyrical Envy

The 37th CIAA must make a final stand against the heart of the conspiracy.

Original Characters

Lyrical Legend

Happening concurrently with Lyrical Babel, a pair of siblings approach Arisa Bannings and Suzuka Tsukimura, offering them what they desire the most.

Original Characters

Lyrical Coda

A side-story for the Mythos Aeterna Cycle.


Magical Systems





  • TSAB East Base
  • The Serene Tower
  • Joshua's Rest

The Thirteen Forbidden Devices

  • The Orb of the Peerless Mage
  • The Ring of the Jewelled Dusk
  • The Shield of the Sundered Dark
  • The Tome of the Night Sky
  • The Dagger of the Obsidian Light
  • The Staff of the Unconquered Sun
  • The Sword of the Ardent Star
  • The Lance of the Watchful Guardian
  • The Crown of the Timeless Lord
  • The Helm of the Veiled Moon
  • The Bracers of the Clouded Earth
  • The Sigil of the Proud Heart
  • The Sands of the Eternal Myth

Arius Belmarin

Ah, now that would be telling.

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