Editing Guidelines

Remember to read the Wikidot syntax, site structure, and modules list. If that's all too much, then the Quick Editing Guide is a shortened version.

For the most part, users are free to create new pages for their characters and concepts as and when they feel like it. However, some guidelines exist to make the pages rather more easily navigable.

To create a new page, simply type in the name in the "Add New Page" area in the sidebar.


Original characters and concepts do not need to be under a namespace. Creator pages, canon information of any sort, and templates do.


Contains information and pages relating entirely to the canon of the universe of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Currently the same permissions as the rest of the site are applied here, on the belief that the honour system will prevent users from updating with intentionally false information.


Contains user pages, if they wish to create one. Any member of the wiki may create a user page, but only that page creator may edit it.


Contains the rules, guidelines, and FAQs that apply to this wiki. Only moderators and above may edit pages in here.


Contains the fanfics in which these original characters star in. Has the same edit permissions as the rest of the non-namespaced wiki, again with the faith in the honour system.


Contains page templates for use in editing. Feel free to make your own, if you make sure to name it something unique, and if you don't mind others using your templates.


Contains the Sandbox, and other such test pages. That's about it.

Arbitrary rules

Alternate canon character interpretations

If you wish to alter or modify a canon character for use in your story, please create the page as "Character Name (Creator Name)". The actual wiki page link will strip out the parentheses (turning it into character-name-creator-name), but it still disambiguates the character profile page.

Creator pages

Wikidot allows users to link to their Wikidot profile like so:

[[user your-username-here]]

If you want to create your own creator page, please use the creator namespace:


This helps to differentiate between characters and their similarly-named writers.

Parent pages

There are no category page indexes as such. Instead, Wikidot uses a "breadcrumb" navigation system that relies on parent and child page relationships.

If you want to assign a parent page, click on the "+ options" button on the lower right corner, and then click "parent". You will be asked to assign an existing page as the parent to the current one. Only one parent may exist per child page, unlike Vivio "Two Mamas" Takamachi.

This allows you to sort pages by parenthood, especially with the PageTree module. This is very useful.

This is also by no means mandatory. If you're willing to update everything manually, feel free.


The collapsible text block should be used to hide spoilers. Directly from the code snippet page:

Some text to show/hide.

[[collapsible show="+ show me the hidden content" hide="- hide this content"]]
Some text to show/hide.

[[collapsible hideLocation="both"]]

gives us this:


If you wish to post chapters of a story, use the story namespace:


Remember to make the title of the story or chapter as unique as possible for a wiki link. Try story-title-chapter-number-chapter-title if you need to. (This is only a suggestion; feel free to implement your own naming scheme.)

Rough drafts and short snippets also count as "stories", as long as you give them a unique name ("Story Title (Creator Name)", turning into story-title-creator-name, if you'd like). Remember that you can delete them if you want to later.

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