Kha The Cleric's Lyrical Daisen Magic Systems

Kha the Cleric's Lyrical Daisen

  • Belka - Despite being represented by the brave Knights of the Sankt Kaiser, Belka idealogy has a much larger reach than their magic. And in a world where ranged combat dominates in strategic thinking, the Belka Knighthood has few takers compared to this younger but bigger sister. Despite this, those who choose to follow the old ways have much to gain, in honor, in glory, and in spirit.
  • Midchilda - A merging of several magic systems produced this take-all-comers melting pot school of magic. Despite being relatively young compared to the other schools in the multiverse, Midchilda magic is very versatile and is the principle magic system in Ordered Space today.
  • Tian - Tian magic has come a long way since it was cut off from the motherland on Earth. Ceremonial and incredibly long-ranged, Tian magic of the Ethereal seek to mow down their foes and change whole environments to suit their favor. And to complement this slow casting, their less-gifted underlings use the most cutting-edge technology available, and a plasmid-based system to grant them lesser, but faster-reactiing skills to protect their beloved Ethereal.
  • Eldritch - The Eldritch are blessed with a grace and agility unlike any other, and this is reflected in their magic, enhancing themselves to dance around incoming threats for the kill. At the same time, the Eldritch remain one of the last few races still attuned to the elemental spirits of living magic, and are able to call upon them for aid.
  • Chaos Belka - It is said that opportunity only knocks once, but temptation leans on the doorbell. Much applies to the dark, twisted brother of the honorable Belka. The Chaos Belka draw upon the gods of Chaos, and seek to scourge all life from the Materium, ultimately destroying the one piece of Order in the 3 Planes. Standing in their way are the precious few still cursed with the knowledge of this dark arts' existence, and as the darkness grows, so shall the hour of blasphemy draw ever closer…
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