Kyral's OC List

Memorys of Blood & Sorrow

The temporary TSAB 'Mantis Stalker' Investigation Unit

Elric Thorn

  • Age: 22
  • Official Bureau Rank: Special Combat Operative, TSAB Special Forces
  • Wizard System & Ranking: Midchilda, Air S+
  • Device: Carnage (Intelligent / Equip)

A Member of the Special Forces and wielder of the ancient Device Carnage.

Rinya Shuri A'Kalash

  • Age: 19
  • Official Bureau Rank: 2nd Lieutenant, Air Armament Service
  • Wizard System & Ranking: Belka Air AA
  • Device: Windlanze (Armed / Spear)

A cheerful member of the AAS.


The Dark Generals


  • Titel: Dark Lady of the Nocturnal Glacier


  • Titel: Dark Lord of the Shadow


  • Titel: Dark Lady of the Black Aspekt


  • Titel: Dark Lord of the Vortex
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