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Kha the Cleric's Lyrical Daisen

  • Earth, the 97th Non-Administrated World
    • Midoriya Cafe, Uminari City, Japan - Assassin's Tavern
    • Meridan Base, the Pacific Ocean - TSAB Observation Post
    • Rony Island, the South China Sea - Celestial Being Fire Base
  • Midchilda, the 1st Administrated World
    • New Antioch, Belka SAR - The Holy City
    • The Plaguelands - A sad reminder of a great tragedy…
    • Yzak Base, Belka West Coast - Home of the 21ste Drei-keiten, and the elite Outer Cadian 6th Division
    • Sankt Alexei Convent, New Antioch - Headquarters and training institute of the Knight-Sister corps
    • Lunar Base VEDA, Delune - Licht von Belka Central Command, the orbiting Midchilda base of Celestial Being
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