MT Timeline

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  • Vic’s city is destroyed in a war. The war is unknown, but thought to be the final clash between two groups
  • The mercenary group “Liberty” is created

MC052 - 54

  • Vic is under this time picked up by “Liberty”. Doc has already joined


  • Adrian is picked up by “Liberty” at the age of 7


  • Vic, Doc, and Adrian join the TSAB after helping out during the Nanoha incident


  • TSAB intercepts strange communications from an organization, but they are never heard from again


  • MT begins
  • The incident with Jail Scaglietti never happened
  • Vivio is found in the ruins after a strange attack there is almost no info about it (More info in later chapters)
  • Nanoha adopts Vivio (More info in later chapters)
  • Subaru and Teana fail B-rank examination, but are given another chance
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