Noland Reiniger

The Knight of Calamity

Name: Noland Reiniger
Age: Physically, mid to late 20s
DOB: Unknown
Height: 6' 2” (7’ Lunatic Mode)
Weight: 210 lbs (270 lbs Lunatic Mode)
Eyes: Red (Blind)
Hair: Black
Blood type: O negative

Affiliation: Ancient Belkan (presumed)
Position: Unknown
Rank: Unknown
Air Combat Rank: Unknown
Ground Combat Rank: Unknown
Composite Rank: Cannot be determined. Temporary rank set at S+
Magic System: Glory Belka
Magic Color: Crimson
Specialty: Army Decimation
Position: Anti-Hero Unit
Style: Berserker

Appearance: To be completed once I figure this out.

Character background

Before Noland became the Knight of Calamity, he was a Knight of Belka in close servitude to the Sankt Kaiser. He wielded the crescent blade spear device called "Mondschien," and practiced a unique martial style called "Sonate." Highly skilled and ever vigilant, Noland was an elite. These are the only solid facts about his position and purpose in regards to the kingdom. Historical inaccuracies and misrepresented articles distort his personal history heavily, making analysis and study difficult. Some accounts have him as a "Primarch" of sorts, whereas others mention his position as a "Custodes" or even "Cleric-Knight." The most bizarre recollection of Noland labels him as a cicisbeo or lover of the Sankt Kaiser — this was justly denied and labeled as fiction. Regardless of background, all sources have him at very least close to the Sankt Kaiser.

These same distortions plague the interpretation of the Fall of Belka. The most commonly accepted story is that Noland Reiniger, as the Knight of Calamity, betrayed king and country by rampaging through the imperial palace and slaying all that dared stand in his way. The very pillars that held up the holy land were shattered and crumbled like ash before him, and the downfall of so many stains his hands. In this tragedy's finale, Noland shattered the Sankt Kaiser's holy armor and tore out the lord's still beating heart. By this act, the Knight's hands were forever cursed to drip with the blood of the Sankt Kaiser. How exactly this event unfolded is uncertain, many story elements heavily warped by time, bias, memory, and other elements.

The common story begins as such: As the favored Knight of the Sankt Kaiser, no other was as close as Noland. Time and time again he proved to be the greatest Knight, cementing himself by the Sankt Kaiser's side. Yet all of this was but a total sham as Noland plotted to assassinate and overthrow the Sankt Kaiser, a plan that the Lord soon discovered and ousted the Knight, stripping him of title, prestige, and honor. Before he could be punished, however, the former Knight escaped from his prison and fled into the darkness. The fallen Knight evaded his pursuers and traveled into unknown lands where slept a devastatingly powerful and ancient artifact. In desperation, he obtained the relic device "Cocytus," and upon activation, began the transformation from traitorous knight into the Knight of Calamity.

Noland was left a blind man with the twin orbs of Cocytus taking the place of his eyes. Within them smoldered a hidden madness and rage held back by a flimsy barrier of will. The feeling of such wonderous and incredible power was both intoxicating and thrilling, but the loss of sight was debilitating. However, he soon discovered that by tapping into the seething fire of his device, he could temporarily regain the ability to see. But to even look at him was to send the coldest of shivers down your spine, and eye contact with those furious red gems, now with baleful yellow irises and slitted black pupils, was to invite insanity. With this newfound power, he began his mad quest to kill the Sankt Kaiser. The country at the time was already rife with political and social turmoil, the people unruly and unhappy. Noland, in what little sanity he had left, brought together and lead a mercenary army to wage war with the Belkan Knights. As the armies clashed, Noland slipped into the Cradle and personally confronted the Lord he once served.

The day of calamity was preceded by one event: 400% synchronization. No information exists explaining how or why this phenomenon occurred, but the extreme level of synchronization resulted in a complete ego border collapse, allowing the device AI and the primal Id to take over. Thus was born the Knight of Calamity, bringing about the Cataclysm and the end of ancient Belka. No one knows what truly happened within those hallowed walls, only that a great and terrible battle was fought. And at its finish, the world trembled; it roared in anger; it cried in agony; it screamed in terror.


Noland's original personality has been lost to madness, trauma, and age. What is left behind is a disassociative identity that manifests as two distinct personas: the Knight and the Lunatic.

The Knight is most reflective of Noland's original personality and is the dominant identity. He is a calm, collected person that speaks in cool and controlled tones. His voice is carefully modulated, a smooth, dark, and dry Baryton-noble. Polite and careful with his speech, his thoughtfully prepared responses reflect an intelligence and cultured background inherent of a Knight. Still, the scars of battle and time have made his tone grim at times, though he remains a realist in all situations. He is quiet when his family is brought up, and his tone becomes bitter when Belka is the topic. Despite it all, Noland possesses an interestingly dry, ironic wit and a dark sense of humor.

Noland's disposition and mood can shift dramatically depending on the topic at hand. Most definitive of this is when Cocytus is brought up, leaving him easily agitated and almost violent. He cools down quickly, however.

He often speaks of "raison d'etre."

In contrast, the Lunatic personality takes over whenever the device Cocytus is activated, characterized by the subtle glow his "eyes" take on. In this state, Noland is boastful, arrogant, and very proud. He sees himself as superior to all those around him and will not tolerate any form of disrespect he perceives as directed towards him. The Lunatic persona relishes combat and slaughter, his laughter mocking as he tears into his opponents. By effect of the armor or the device, Noland's voice is warped heavily in Lunatic form. The persona's stability degenerates as device synchronization increases, coherent speech gradually turning into guttural roars.



Also called "the Eyes of Lunacy," there is little to no technical information on the device. Cocytus is believed to be an early form of Unison Device, permanently fused with its owner. The device currently exists as two red orbs that have taken the place of Noland's original eyes, permanently blinding him unless the device is active. The device AI is incredibly strong, capable of suppressing Noland's persona and taking over his body if his willpower is not strong enough. True to Belkan-style magic, the device focuses on enhancing close combat efficiency. The gift of insanity Cocytus bestows in turn increases Noland's physical attributes to incredible levels. Unlike other devices, the degree of enhancement is reliant on the synchronization between device and user — the higher the synchronization, the greater the power, but also the higher the cost. It is unknown what exactly affects synchronization values, but Noland's emotional state has a definite influence. Cocytus also affects those in close proximity to Noland, causing people to slowly lose their grips on reality.


Glory Belka is a specialist variant of Ancient Belkan style magic, eschewing ranged attacks in exchange for hyperboosting one's melee abilities. Magic power is focused into the body, enhancing strength, stamina, agility, and hardiness. Projectile attacks are still possible, but they are not as effective.

Offensive Powers

Murder Sign — Bloody Hands: Swathed in disruptive energies, physical defenses like armor crumple like tin foil against the armored fists and greaves of the Berserker. The claw-like hands and gauntlet have a sort of minor magic nullifying effect, allowing him to "tear" through weaker spells or even be used to counter magical weapons. The hands are cursed to drip the blood of the Saint King eternally as a reminder of his greatest sin. As his primary weapons, he is required to be in melee combat.

Tyrant Sword — Wraith Blade "Tyrfing": Noland's ultimate weapon, the cursed blade of tragedy. The sword is composed of unidentified energies and extends outward from his right hand with an ethereal crimson light. The blade disintegrates all matter it touches and disrupts magic completely. Use of this weapon results in a great physical and mental strain, as it uses Noland's life force to fuel its destructive power — extended use could very well kill him, as every minute of its use shortens his lifespan. As a melee weapon, he is required to be in close quarters.
Power: EX

Restriction Sign — Chains of Heaven and Hell: Originating from his gauntlets, two spiked chains extend to incredible lengths for purposes of restraint, capture, defense, movement, and even extending his range of attack. The chains themselves are very solid, requiring a powerful direct hit to break through. As it is a physical chain rather than magical, dispelling will not work.
Speed: A
Control: A+

Bullet Hell — Gatling Rave: Long range suppression fire. Small explosive "bolts" are fired out from the gauntlet near the wrist. Although low in power, the high rate and sheer volume of fire can make movement difficult. Noland can add his other arm for double the firepower at the cost of a free hand.
Power: C+
Speed: AA
Range: B-

Bullet Hell — Infernal Devil's Spear: Medium range anti-armor. A two-staged missile-like projectile. It takes the shape of a fiery spear that first melts through the armor or shield then explodes violently in a burst of scorching power.
Power: AA
Speed: A
Range: C+
Special: Shieldbreaker / Armor Piercing

Cataclysm Sign — Holocaust: Close range anti-unit. The very air in front of and around Noland crackles with furious energy as he projects forth the manifested rage that drives him mad. Suddenly, it all ignites and explodes in a ball of searing white-hot flame. Those caught in the conflagration are set ablaze from the focused fury of Noland's shattered soul.
Power: AAA+
Range: D
Special: Area effect.

Defensive Powers

Knight Armor — Cocytus: An ancient Belkan variant of Knight Armor. It manifests as plate-style armor that can deflect physical and magic attacks under AA class power and reduce the damage inflicted by attacks of higher power. Damages to the armor are immediately sealed up, though the wound underneath remains. The armor itself causes three changes in Noland's body:

1. The physical and mental limitations of the body are lifted, allowing him to use 100% of his muscles rather than the usual 20%.

2. All sensations of pain and exhaustion are numbed completely. Not even the greatest of wounds can be felt.

3. The body is reinforced against damage; the armor will immediately "treat" any injuries such as splinting a broken bone or resetting a dislocated joint. These treatments are haphazard at best and dangerous at worst.

The changes are a great physical strain on Noland's body, however, leading to exhaustion, heavy fatigue, and voracious appetite. A rest period of 48 hours is recommended between "uses."

Knight Armor — Ancile: An invisible, intangible field surrounds Noland. It is useless against physical attacks, but "shooting" spells are deflected. Shieldbreakers can bypass the field, as can overwhelming firepower, but the field remains active even after being pierced — it just fills in the hole.

Support Abilities

Insanity Sign — Terror of Death: (Passive) His very presence is fearsome, his battle cries sending shivers even down the most hardened of warriors. Subtly woven in this his aura and voice are hallucenigenic spells that warp one's perception of reality and reveals their greatest fears. Those caught in this spell are immediately subjected to frightening visions of friends and family suffering in utter agony, complete decimation of what used to be a happy life, and their own torturous deaths. This Gaze of Flame can sap the very will to fight and fill a warrior with nothing but terror.

Insanity Sign — Endless Jihad: (Passive) A side effect of the armor and Mad Enhancement. Fatigue and stress are suppressed, allowing for seemingly endless stamina in battle. So as long as he is enraged and in the effects of lunacy, Noland will always find the strength to fight on. The fatigue is cumunialtive, however, and upon deactivation of the device it all comes back.

Insanity Sign — Mad Enhancement: (Passive) All physical attributes are increased drastically at the cost of sanity. The greater the synchronization, the greater the attribute increase, but the more difficult it becomes to snap out of it.

Typical Synchronization values and their effects:

75% - The minimum value. Physical attributes are increased by 60%. In this form, all of Noland's abilities as the Knight of Calamity are available to him, but he is not as powerful as he would be with higher synchronization. Still, the increase makes him a deadly opponent. He is fully aware and capable of intelligent cognitive thought, though his personality makes a drastic shift.

87% - The average value. Physical attributes are increased by approximately 85%. Noland retains shreds of his awareness and is capable of speech and following orders. He cannot, however, make overly complicated thoughts like tactics and strategy. The objective is destruction, and he excels in that task.

90% - Increased value. Attributes rank up to 120%. Noland loses the ability to speak and becomes difficult to control or command. Figures of authority may be ignored or even attacked.

95% - Dangerous Value. Attribute rank up to 200%. Noland begins to have trouble differentiating friend from foe and may target friendly forces once all enemy forces are annihilated.

100% - Maximum value. Attributes rank up to 300% or greater. Noland loses all sense of self and reason, becoming a pure berserker with an insatiable bloodlust and unstoppable desire to kill. Allies and enemies become equal opportunity victims.

400% - The value Noland reached that resulted in the Fall of Belka. It is unknown how to reach this level, but suffice to say you don't want to reach it again.



- He is a surprisingly good singer.
- His cooking ability is rather advanced; a top chef.
- Unnaturally good at stewardship.
- Has a strange attraction to cute things and high speed jpop-techno music. "MOE" is particularly effective.
- A hilarious drunkard. Also, a natural at Drunken Boxing.

Voice Actor:
Noland: Akio Ohtsuka
Lunatic: Ichiro Mizuki (Keisar Ephes)
Device: Norio Wakamoto

Theme Music
Normal: Susumu Hirasawa – Forces
Lunatic: Nobuo Uematsu – Howl of the Departed

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Normal) / Neutral Evil (Lunatic)
Befriendable: You can try.


You want to use him? Go ahead. Just be sure to ask me first.

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