PhoenixFlare's Character List

This is a list of original characters (OCs) that the author, PhoenixFlare, has created throughout his fiction(s). Note that some characters are brought in from the works of other authors as well as from canon. These will be linked to their respective pages.

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha GuardianS

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha GuardianS takes place five years after the dissolution of Lost Property Riot Force 6. Knight Carim Gracia from the Saint Church, who possesses a rare ability — Profeitin Shrifti — to foretell the future, receives a dire warning from her divinations. Acting quickly, she calls for Admiral Chrono Harlaown, Nanoha, and her friends to formulate a plan against this disaster. They form the Escutcheon and have to protect the dangerous Jewels of the Star from falling into the hands of a mysterious group known as the Astral Templars. Joining Nanoha is a group of old and new acquaintances, most prominently Leona Aurora Seraphina Tyriel, who, despite her intelligence and resources, seems to possess a secret that cannot be readily revealed. As the plot progresses, the group will find themselves facing more dangerous foes than any they have previously encountered, a painful past that melds with the chaotic present leading to an uncertain future. For verily, what Knight Carim gleans from Profeitin Shrifti on that day is …


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Escutcheon is a task force created through the effort of Time-Space Administration Bureau’s Navy Admiral, Chrono Harlaown, in an effort to stop the impending disaster prophesized by Knight Carim Gracia from the Saint Church. The Admiral takes under his wing a number of familiar members as well as several new ones.

A quick list of members who join Escutcheon include:

  • Chrono Harlaown
  • Takamachi Nanoha
  • Fate Testarossa Harlaown
  • Yagami Hayate
  • Leona Aurora Seraphina Tyriel
  • Signum
  • Tesla
  • Reinforce Zwei
  • Teana Lanster
  • Agito
  • Kratos Whitewing
  • Xeno Graymist
  • Gabriel Sunstrider
  • Verossa Acous
  • Aurion Dauer

Astral Templars

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The Astral Templars (commonly called Templars, for short) are a group of mysterious warriors that become the central antagonists in the series. They are powerful combatants and adept users of a different type of magic (though it is more often referred to as techniques, due to the special nature of their system) known as Astral — which stands for “Ambient STRength AmpLication” system. Their powers are mostly elemental, channeled through unique implements called Titans. Astral Templars commonly act in groups of five, or quintet, and their ranks usually accompany the Titans they use. The five are named as follows:

  • The Saint of the Scepter
  • The Master of the Sword
  • The Sage of the Harp
  • The Hunter of the Claw
  • The Baron of the Mace


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Acting from within shadows, hidden from the sight of Nanoha and her company, are the nine Magi, who are powerful mages with secret agendas of their own. The Magi appear unbidden to the Templars for a variety of reasons, including to offer help, to provide special services such as additional equipment, to assign tasks, or basically just provide useful information. Morally ambiguous in nature, they have no obligations to answer to the Templars’ needs, though it is often given at a price. The Templars are generally wary of the Magi; some completely distrust the Magi’s intentions. However, the Templars obey to the Magi for one particular reason: the nine offer the Templars a single chance to redeem their past through the use of a forbidden art. To perform the rite, however, they require special items — the Jewels of the Star — which are dangerous Lost Logia artifacts.

  • Magus of Apocalypse
  • Magus of Pandemonium
  • Magus of War
  • Magus of Plague
  • Magus of Destruction
  • Magus of Death
  • Magus of Catastrophe
  • Magus of Holocaust
  • Magus of Desecration

Time-Space Administration Bureau

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  • Shario Finieno
  • Alto Krauetta
  • Griffith Lowran
  • Lucino Liilie

Central Laboratories

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  • Zakharov Alexei Chevaron
  • Mariel Atenza

Saint Church

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  • Carim Gracia

Ground Forces

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  • Leonidas von Khrull
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