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All that is known about SaE’s leaders is their codenames: Sparrow and Eagle (Profile for these two are currently unavaible due to lack of data)


Unknown. Probably the elimination of all TSAB forces.


The SaE organization revolves around using mechs and drones to accomplish their goals. The two leaders are rarely seen and are thought to control their mechanical army from their flying HQ.

Military force


4 different types of mechs/drones has been created by SaE so far.

Type 1 “Fighter”

Small, light and agile. These little machines are designed as close-combat specialists and fights with their two legs with a kind of martial arts style. One block for a head with sockets for cameras and both legs are attached to it, making it look like a box on legs.
They cannot take much damage, but packs a punch and can dodge very fast.


Height: 1 meter

Weight: 100 kg

Powersource: Unknown, might be electric.

Capability: Can operate in heat and rain, but its movement is highly decreased in cold or
snow, making it very vulnerable (This is the same for both Type 1 and 2)

Speed: Faster than a human, probably around 20 km/h

Weapons: Uses its legs to attack by kicking.

Type 2 “Mammoth”

Massive long-range mech. These behemoths are huge compared to a human and looks like a blob on 2 legs. On the top, 2 big pipes stick out, serving as artillery cannons. The calibres of the shells are known to be 155 mm, similar to a Howitzer. The firing rate is slow but it is capable of firing 2 shots at the same time. When it prepares to fire, its legs punch into the ground and stabilize the mech. It is always used when attacking stationary targets.

The “Mammoth” does not have any kind of defense, but are always protected by at least 10 “Fighters”.


Height: 6 meter

Weight: 6 ton

Powersource: Power cells.

Capability: See Type 1.

Speed: Very slow, walking speed.

Weapons: 2 artillery cannons with 155 mm non-explosive shells.

Type 3 “Buzzer”

These are the flying equivalents of the “Fighter”. Very small, agile and easily destroyed but very dangerous. They are equipped with several small phasors around its round body. It looks like a thick plate and has small wings that makes a buzzing sound, thereof its name.


Height: 25 centimetres.

Width: 50 centimetres.

Weight: 40 kg.

Powersource: Unknown.

Capability: Completely inoperable in cold weather, due to ice on the wings making it unable to move.

Speed: Very fast. Around 100 km/h

Weapons: 4 phasors is mounted around the plate, making it capable of hitting everything 360 degrees around it.

Type 4 “Cyclone”

Very rare flying machines, only 2 exist. The TSAB thinks they are used to host all the other mechs and drones and that it also serves as HQ for SaE.
It has unknown weaponry but is thought to have air-to-land artillery and anti-air defense. Its size is huge and its armor is extremely resilient, capable of sustaining massive damage.

It is not able to land and if it runs out of fuel it’s simply going to crash so to keep it running the smaller drones gathers fuel from where they can find it and retrieves it.

Has the appearance of a B2 Stealth Bomber but is much bulkier.


Width (wingtip-to-wingtip): 100 meters.

Height: 20 meters.

Length: 60 meters.

Weight (Fully loaded): 300 ton

Propulsion: Unknown, but most likely jet engines.

Capability: Can handle all weather types.

Cruising Speed: 900 km/h

Max Speed: 1300 km/h

Range (On one fuel tank, cruising speed): 10000 km

Weapons (In theory): One 200 mm artillery cannon, can only fire on land. Dozens of anti-air lasers may be scattered around the ship.

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