Premises of the Lyrical Phases

Here is the Comprehensive List of all Characters, Locations, Factions and Ideas belonging to Saint X in his "Lyrical Phases" franchises.

Ordered Space Groups:

Time Space Administration Bureau (TSAB)

Aremitas Xellostre (AX)

Command Bloc

Kyla Scrya
Vincent Reiz Astaris
Engr. Seira Lanaway
Dr. Aris Chandra
Amiya Seiens

Ring Squad "Arianna"

Bridget Dei Rinsael
Ashton Marten McDouglas
Rurika Serenade

Otome Group "Crystals"
Kriss Lanster
Chiaki Marguerite
Charlene Reiz Astaris

Support Group

First Independent Research and Experimentation of Developments (FIRED) Group

AX First Independent Test Squadron "Ether Fairies/Divers"

Eika Ichiryuu
Karen Itsumiya
Kotoha Sei Momone
Eliza Dietrich

AX Second Independent Test Squadron "Trigger Hearts"

Exelle Metherlance
Elise Lotus
Elanie Lotus
Kureha Minazuki

13th Fast Mobile Transport Group (Phantom Maids)

Ground Forces

Dr. Shinozaki Minoru

Air Armaments Service (AAS)

Naval Service

Civilians and Important Non-Military Personnel

House of Danaan
Night Estrel De Danaan

Civil Population

Galactic Defense Initiative (GDI)


White Knights

Hana Guard

Other Ordered Space Forces

External Space Forces

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