Takumaru Doc Ikita

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Name: Takumaru "Doc" Ikita
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 69 kg
Affiliation: TSAB, disbanded mercenary organization “Liberty”
Department: Medical
Military rank: Private
Mage rank: C+
Call sign: Medic 5


Takamaru Ikita is one of the founders of the organization “Liberty”. During the war, he helped people through hard times with the help of his team and saved hundreds of victims. He was also the one who decided to recruit Vic and Macmillan to the organization.

Within a couple of years he got in contact with TSAB, who were requesting aid for some mages of theirs. “Liberty” arrived at the scene and tended to the injured mages and afterwards got offered positions in TSAB. Most of them accepted this offer and to Ikita this meant a high responsibility job at the local hospital and Medical department, much to his liking.


Kind and warmhearted, he is similar to Vic in terms of kindness. He usually helps out in the hospital as much as he can since he wants to help people and heal their injuries. He has also proven to be a good psychologist, thanks to his ability to make people feel at ease and tell him what’s on their mind.
In battle he often rushes to the injured as fast as he can to help. If he is too late or the injuries are too hard for him, he usually gets depressed and blames himself for what happens afterwards. This has lead to difficult situations were he isn’t able to heal properly and that just adds to the problem.


His superior is Shamal, a Wolkenritter, too whom he is very loyal. They often work together at the hospital and on missions, supporting each other.

His two closest friends are from his days as a mercenary: Adrian Macmillan and Vic "Silence" Johansen. They’ve done numerous of missions together and can be seen having conversations now and then.

Combat role

Support. While keeping his distance in battle, he waits for orders. If someone is injured, he heals them as quickly as he can and if the injuries are too grave he teleports away from the battlefield with the injured and places him at the nearest medic team. He then returns to the battle waiting for further instructions. He is not allowed to engage in battle, only to provide support.

Barrier Jacket

White coat stopping just above his shoes. White pants, black armored shoes and fingerless gloves for increased surgical precision.


Device Name


Divine is shaped as a small bracelet, silver-colored with rectangular shapes on the surface. It has no cartridge system as it’s only for support. She refers to Ikita as “Doctor”.

Device Type

Support type

Device Mode

Active Mode: Only difference between inactive and active is that the rectangular shapes changes color from silver to blue. Active mode is used in almost every combat situation with the exception of highly dangerous or important missions.

Divine Mode: This is Divines special mode. Whenever the situation turns really bad or the mission is of the highest importance, this mode activates. It produces dual bracelets, worn on Ikitas both wrists and the rectangular shapes are bigger and shines bright red. It also increases Divines processing and healing abilities, providing extra mana and healing to Ikita.

Combat style

Since Ikita isn’t a fighter he doesn’t have a combat style. He has actually never been seen in combat and he dislikes it himself.


Ikita only has support spells and no kind of defensive or offensive spell.


Teleport: Teleports himself within a range of his mana capabilities.

Mass Teleport: Teleports everyone around him to a pre-destined location. Only works if the location has been ordered beforehand.

Heal: Basic healing. Replenishes some energy to the target and heals light wounds.

Major Heal: A more powerful spell than Heal. Same function, only more powerful.

Divine Helper: A spell only usable in Divine Mode. Produces 2 copies of Ikita, linking their mana and healing capacity to him, increasing his mana and healing dramatically.

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