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This is a list of the characters and concepts concocted in OC lurker Estavali's lunancy. Only few are listed and even fewer are finalised. In fact, one can say that the day Estavali finally does complete one actual chapter is the day the Moishach finally kicks the door down and hollers, "I'M HERE, DAMN IT!!! WAKE UP YOUR IDEAS!!!!"

So if you're one of those nuts slavering for the End of the World, just fix your eyes on this and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble =3.

Twilight's Wind

Twilight's Wind is a story of Yagami Hayate, beginning from her first assignment to the 7th Non-Administrated World of Aerith. .


The final Meister of the infamous Lost Logia, the Tome of the Night Sky. Almost 2 years after the Book of Darkness Incident, Hayate led a somewhat busy dual life as a Special Investigator and an ordinary schoolgirl of 11. However, not all was well, as Hayate was often speculated to have rely on the prowess of her Guardian Knights for her success. Things took for a worse as her powers inexplicably suffered a swift decline, dropping to rank AA+ at the start of Twilight's Wind's main timeline. In addition, the spasms of pain that had tortured her in the past returned with renewed strength, much to the anxiety of her close ones. At the suggestion of Lady Carim of the Sankt Kaiser Church Knights, Hayate decided to leave for Aerith, the legendary final stronghold of Belkan magic, in hopes of finding out what was wrong with her, and how to set it right.

The son of a widowed baker, Ciaran lost his family at the age of 6 when a pack of demons attacked his town. The sight of his father and neighbours, brutally eaten alive before his eyes, left a terrible scar in his heart and he would have suffered the same fate had not the Ishtari Zerah'el saved him. Ciaran is the assistant of the eccentric archaeologist Alvan Weissmann, and became interested in the legacy of Al Hazred, the legacy of which his mentor was part of.

Found in the ruins of the ancient Caer Morrigu by the old storyteller Deckard Kain, Yunie was born with the ability to physically manifest mental images, similar to illusions but palpable. A turbulent childhood and her bond with the cynical and unpredictable Evalanthi molded her into a fiercely independant person who, while warm and sweet to her friends, is coldly ruthless and holds strongly to the belief that only the strong (according to her interpretation) are worthy of freedom and justice serves only those with power.

The son of a coal miner, Aharon is not an Aerithi native, hailing from the lost world of Zior. A Paladin of the Order of the Four-Leaved Clover, he is known for his pragmatic and strangely optimistic outlook of life and penchant for understatement. He lost his right arm in a childhood incident and had it replaced with a prototype automail that was still under development then. Aharon specialises in defensive and support magic.

A bubbly girl that's a year younger than the Aces, Zelda is the daughter of the archaeologist Professor Alvan Weissmann. Zelda got to know the Aces and the Yagami-ke when they was assigned to her father's escorts in an dig (which ended up with a fierce battle that destoryed the dig site, much to the professor and Yuuno's chagrin). She was later left in the Takamachi household with her father's assistant Ciaran when the latter sneaked off to "another adventure", and went on to live with them for a good five years. Zelda gets along well with her hosts, especially Nanoha, whom she openly admires, much to the embarrassment of the latter.

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