The Reapers

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(This information is taken from records contained together with Lost Logia or simply found in ruins.)


It exist a lot of theories of where the Reapers came from but no one knows exactly.

One of the most believable theories is that they were created by the people of Al Hazard, a very long time ago. As the artificial beings they are they were easily controlled, to a start. But something happened that made them turn on their creators. It is unknown what turned them, but after Al Hazard got destroyed the Reapers fled the world and roamed on other worlds for several centuries. They have since then not been seen.


Reapers make use of Lost Logia they have retrieved from their travels over worlds and have the ability to create hyper-advanced weaponry, armor, medical machines and other similar things from it.

They also seem capable of converting other races to a Reaper with advanced transformation magic and technology. The subject retains its form but its mind connects to the Reaper network and are being controlled by it. The subject can't be turned back unless someone use the same method as the Reapers used. The process is unknown.
This is however very rare as the Reapers only convert those they see as worthy and if they are not dead.


The Reaper’s goal is unknown, but they seem to be dragged to Lost Logia when it’s being used creating highly dangerous situations where Reapers come from nowhere, crush
their enemies and take the Lost Logia.


The Reapers don’t have a leader and they all look the same. It seems like they are part of a big network, synchronising their thoughts with each other but are still able to make their own decisions. They are highly intelligent and that’s one of the reasons they don’t need a leader.
They don't seem to have individual personalities and operates as a single being, even though they are capable of independant actions.



A Reaper is, in a sense, incapable of dying from age since they can live far longer than any other living organism. This is however if they find Lost Logia to improve their technology with. Their artificial bodies must be continuously repaired and replaced, which make them easier to be killed.
This is why they often send out their most newly repaired brethren into battle, since they have the most combat ability and can sustain huge amounts of damage.
It is believed it exists a few thousands Reapers, but only less than half can actually go to battle. The rest don’t have the resources to be repaired and is used for other priorities instead.

How a Reaper looks like is largely unknown, since those who have seen one usually gets killed. Of the few sightings gathered only a small percentage makes sense: Higher than a human and muscular. Has a black coat as a type of thin armor, covering parts of the body, including the head.

Combat style and weapons

A Reaper fights with cunning and tactics. Despite their huge size, they are very agile and very fast. It is unusal to find them alone since they mostly works in teams of 2 or more.

A Reaper does not know any type of magic and relies only on traditional melee and/or ranged weaponry.

Their melee weapons have 2 forms and one function: close-range combat.

“Slasher” form: Shaped like a scythe, similar to Fate’s “Bardiche”. One of the reasons they are called “Reapers”. They swing these as any traditional scythe, slashing around them trying to cut the enemy down.

“Hammering” form: A rarely seen weapon, this one is shaped as a big hammer, which are only used for attacking stationary targets (bases, stations etc.)

The Reapers have long-range weapons but since no one has managed to get close to a location with those types of warrior, how they look like is unknown. All known about the weapon is that it fires some type of energy bolt.

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