Vic "Silence" Johansen

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Name: Vic "Silence" Johansen
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Affiliation: TSAB, disbanded mercenary organization “Liberty”
Department: Intelligence
Military rank: Sergeant
Mage rank: AA
Call sign: Insurgent 1


Not much is known about Vic. It's said he's a survivor from an unknown war 30 years ago where his city was destroyed.
From there on, he trained everyday with a rifle to defend himself and in time he became a expert in marksmanship.
He was eventually picked up by a roaming mercenary group, called “Liberty”, consisting of survivors from the war. They continued his training, considering him a valued member of the group.

After several years they got in contact with TSAB, wanting aid in some kind of battle. The group responded and helped TSAB.
Afterwards, they were offered permament positions in TSAB, ranging from desk work to field trainers.
Vic was chosen into the Intelligence department, where they used his skills and knowledge to infiltrate and provide information.
To this day he's still working there, occasionally being called out for special missions.


Vic is one of those who just love to help people, whether it be in combat or on his free-time. He is kind, calm and collected, always thinking before acting. When not in battle he enjoys reading books, fishing or some other calm activity. He also enjoys astronomy, often staying up late to watch the stars.
He sometimes brings Vivio with him during his astronomy watching.

Though he might seem very shy, that isn't usually the case. In a conversation, he doesn't say more than is asked of him, making him quiet until someone asks him or inquire something. This has given him the nickname "Silence", by his friends.


He has worked together with Captain Nanoha Takamachi and Investigator Fate T. Harlaown in several missions, providing fire support.
He is also good friends with them and is often seen playing around with Vivio, much to her delight. Investigator Fate T. Harlaown is also his superior.

His two closest friends are from his days as a mercenary: Adrian Macmillan and Takumaru "Doc" Ikita. They did numerous of missions together and can be seen having conversations now and then.

The reason Vic is only rank AA, is because of his limited combat use. Not every combat situation involves long range fighting, therefore making his combat abilities rarely needed.

Combat role

In combat, Vic is considered to be kind of special. At the same time as he's mostly used for intelligence gathering and spy activities, he's also considered a special type of assassin. Since he's a long range fighter, he chooses his targets while they are fighting against the other mages, providing clear shots at officers due to the confusion the battle provides.
He usually operates solo during spy activities but also sometimes during combat if a specific target needs to be taken down. He also has a reputation of only requiring one shot for each target.

Barrier Jacket

Consists of a camouflaged military vest, skin gloves, camouflaged military pants and military boots. With little armor, this simple and light design focuses on heightening Vics agility considerably, enabling him to run fast and dodge with ease.


Device Name


Barret has the shape and function of a very small telescope when not in combat. It's an extreme long range shooting type of device, nothing can stand against it when it comes to power of range.
It has a cartridge system on the upside of the barrel but it's only capable of being reloaded one by one. He refers to Vic as "Sergeant".

Device Type

Shooting type

Device Mode

Kurzwaffe Mode (Handgun mode): A type of defensive mode. Only usable at close range, this mode is for when discovered or captured, enabling Vic to defend himself. Has the form of a handgun armored with silver plates all around to form shields around the hands holding it.

Scharfschütze Mode (Sniper mode): Considered a standard mode by both Barret and Vic, this mode is for medium to long range. Taking the form of a bigger version of the non-combat mode, it also has 2 extra telescopes on the sides serving as magnifications.

Hyperion Scharfschütze Mode (Hyper Sniper mode): This mode is only usable and most effective at extreme range, to the limit that the target can't be seen. It's similar to the Sniper mode with the exception of a longer barrel, 1 extra telescope and small optical glasses hovering around the barrel adding power and accuracy.

Combat style

Calm and collected, Vic picks his targets with care and patience. If given a target, he will do his best to take it down fast, before the target knows what's happening.

Since he is a long range fighter, he prefers being in the air, several kilometers from the battlefield but he doesn't mind being on the ground either since he gets extra support for Barret, increasing accuracy.
Depending on the range to his target, the shots varies between being impossibly accurate or having enough power to penetrate the target and
be usable again directly after.


Compared to other mages, Vic doesn't have a lot of spells due to his long range fighting capability. However, the spells he does have is very powerful and specialized.


Guardian: A pretty standard shield spell, capable of blocking most attacks.

Stealth: A very unusual spell, only known to Vic. If in danger of being captured or discovered he can activate this to achieve invisibility for a limited amount of time enabling him to hide or escape.
However, attacking or moving too fast makes Stealth break.


Scharfschütze Shot (Sniper Shot): Easily recognizable due to it's shape, this spell produces small sticks which shoots out of Barret at incredible speed. At the same time as being a controllable shot (linking Vics mind to the shot), it also has enough power to penetrate its target and be usable directly after, enabling it to produce hit after hit until the shot is destroyed or Vic loses control of it.
It is possible to have multiple shots in the air at the same time but since all shots have to be controlled individually, it's almost impossible to handle more than 3 shots.

This shot is also lacking in accuracy, only depending on Vics ability to decide it's trajectory.

Scharfschütze Tracker (Sniper Tracker): A very unique spell. When Vic has decided his target he often uses this to make the target a different color than the rest, increasing its visibility.
This is not visible to anyone except him.

Hyperion Shot: In contrast to Sniper Shot, this spell has almost perfect accuracy instead of power. It is, in short terms, very hard to avoid, though it can be blocked easily. All the shots produced by this spell is manually locked to a target and it then chases the target until the shot hits.
Since it's lacking in power, it's best to fire one shot after another to hit the target several times.
It has the same shape as Sniper Shot but it's max range is unknown and its speed make it almost impossible to see. It has been known to fire from extremely long range.

Hyperion Scharfschütze Shot (Hyperion Sniper Shot): An extremely powerful and risky spell.
This combines the power and accuracy of the 2 spells, forming an insanely powerful and accurate shot, very hard to either avoid or block.
But this kind of attack comes with a price. It consumes all the energy of both Vic and Barret, making them both unable to move after the attack, for several hours.

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