[XenaChar] Project ZENITH

Project ZENITH: The Rise of Gods

6000 BMC - 1000 BMC

This is the first part of Project ZENITH, and will only be elaborated upon as lore, rather than as a story. Take it as a very far-off, though not entirely unrelated backdrop to ZENITH itself. It's still a work in progress, and as of now an entire sketchbook has been dedicated to the lore, history, details and concept art about this period and the subsequent ones.

Project ZENITH: The Eternal Lances (Also to be known as Eien no Kishi)

circa 800 BMC

This is the first part of Project ZENITH to be written in story form and not lore, and it focuses on the late history of the primary "antagonist" race in ZENITH proper, in particular a unit that will also play a major role in the rest of the story, The 'Lancers'. I refuse to use Seven Lances anymore because I found that Ubel Blatt has it too, and after further development, I ended up with at different times more or less than Seven, so the moniker's pretty much a misnomer now.

The Lancers:

- Juste Beremonte
- A. Ricardo Cronqvist
- Atrum Veruka
- Gaehanna Silvan
- Zarakiya Justi
- Samael Au Xena
- Kaenn Reido
- Exodus Richelieu
- Charlotte D. Aulin
- (Others Pending)

Project ZENITH: Wings of the Storm

Now this is ZENITH proper, after all the backstory. More about that later and upcoming.

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